Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner - Stick Girl Big Homeschool Happy Planner 2021/22

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 This Big size planner comes in the homeschool layout with 12 months of monthly calendars and weekly spreads. This planner is decorated with stick figure doodles and bright colors.

  • This planner runs from August 2021- July 2022 with monthly calendars that list all the holidays. It has 12 dividers with graphic prints, inspirational quotes, and foil accents.
  • The Big size planner is perfect for everyday use and busy days where you have lots to plan!
  • The homeschool planner layout includes Monday-Sunday colorblocked spaces that can be used to divide up classes and subjects. Prioritize assignments, activities, and weekly lessons.
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 11”

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