Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner - Made To Bloom Big Planner Companion

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Flowers brighten your days with this botanical floral themed planner companion pack. It includes a dry-erase board, vision boards, envelopes, filler paper, stickers, a pouch, and folders. Add these blooming accessories into your Big size Happy Planner. This pack is for Big Happy Planners, notebooks, and journals.


This planner companion pack includes:

• 1 dry-erase dashboard for daily priorities, to-dos, and notes
• 2 vision boards to get inspired
• 1 pocket folder
• 20 pages of notepaper with a lined side and a sectioned side for lists, priorities, and notes
• 3 plastic envelopes
• 43 stickers
• 1 storage folder to hold it all
• 1 zip pouch (3.5″ x 15.24″)

Product type: Planner Inserts

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